MOOCs and Business Schools

Will someone regret of going to business schools instead of waiting for a few more years to take MOOCs? This article explains that question.

Thoughts to actions

I’ve been spending quite some time with MOOCs (massive open online courses) recently (thanks to my unemployment time at the moment). It can be called ‘Self-Directed Learning’, one of the four quadrants proposed from Leaders of Learning. From that, there is one video, informative and inspiring for the future of learnings and of learners, on Ted, given by Daphe Koller, a professor who is one of the main stakeholders in forming Coursera.

And here is a very recent video from Wharton, discussing about disruptive learning, MOOC

This made me have a few thoughts about the future of the business schools:

Business schools will stay and will not disappear as in scenario 3.

I went to business school 4 years ago with the main reason that I’d like to learn and I felt the need of learning (not so much for career advancement). So, I am a person who really…

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