Planning for Learning and Teaching: 3 Power Sources of Thinking

What Do We Know About Teaching and Learning?

This post is about the course Planning for Teaching and Learninga sub-course of the Foundations of Teaching for Learning series by the Common Wealth Education Trust. This is a must course for everyone involved in the academic field. This course is specially useful for new and experienced teachers, as well as potential teachers–those who wish to be teachers. In addition, it’s the course for all school leaders. Learn contemporary research knowledge about teaching and learning.

Weaving Three Ways Forward: Wise, Strong And New

From the wisdom tradition, there are strong indigenous populations that have lived in land decades and decades; at least ten thousand years. Their learning principles have worked for them in very effective ways. So, those of us, who don’t come from that background, can learn a great deal.

Here are three learning principles:

1-   Learning requires patience and time.

2-   Story is critically important for us all.

3-   The role of inter-generational learning. For example, teachers may lead students to outside classroom in order to learn with senior local communities. This principle assumes that every country has rich cultural practices that are powerful for learning.


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