How to Learn More by Studying Less?

Being intelligent within … (a) subject is often a factor (of) just how much exposure you have had to it. – Scott Young, a “Marco Polo” of Learning.

To learn more in less time, it only depends on motivating yourself. But, in the first place, Why do we fail to motivate ourselves?
This is because majority of learners use low-efficient study methods when they want to learn more; and this takes more of their time. In turn, this more-time-requirement leads to a tendency of preference for “ineffective study methods”.

Therefore, what do we have to do to motivate ourselves?

  1. Make a habit of picking out daily “specific chunks of studying time.” Make sure the length is minimal, i.e. at least 1 hour.
  2. During this time, ensure you’re “highly focused,” meaning learning intensely. To do this, use “test-yourself” feedback approach (recall after 20 or so minutes).
  3. Take advantage of online tools, like Anki for flashcards; and discuss the material with your peers.

This was a summary of Scott Young’s answer to the question of “how to motivate yourself” asked by Dr. Barbara Oakley during the course of “Learning How to Learn.” It was a worth viewing interview.

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