Mohamed Muse Hassan

October 2012– present: SIMAD UNIVERSITTY (SU), Mogadishu, Somalia

Secretary, Faculty of Economics & Social Sciences,

  • Initializing the dynamic and routine activities of the faculty, which include:
  • o Compiling and initiating faculty monthly report
  • o Maintaining records of decisions
  • o Preparing   bi-annual   semester   report;   accumulating   previous reports and establishing the budget of the following semester.
  • o Some other related activities


October 2012– Present: SIMAD UNIVERSITY (SU), Mogadishu, Somalia


  • Business Studies Course



December 17, 2013 edX Berkeley, Online Course, MOOC Principles of Writen English

2009-2012 SIMAD University, Mogadishu, Somalia

Bachelor of Arts in Business Adminstration

Courses covered include:

  • Strategic management
  • o Marketing management
  • o International Financial Management
  • o Management information system
  • o Human Resource Management
  • o Production & Operation management
  • o Project Management
  • o Entrepreneurship
  • o International business
  • o Total quality management
  • o Public financial Management

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