How to Handle Missing Data in SPSS?

Introduction Missing or invalid data are generally too common to ignore. Survey respondents may refuse to answer certain questions, may not know the answer, or may answer in an unexpected format. If you don’t filter or identify these data, your analysis may not provide accurate results. For numeric data, empty data fields or fields containingContinue reading “How to Handle Missing Data in SPSS?”

Attention, Writers: The Next Blogging U. Challenge Is Here

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Last month, more than 4,000 bloggers joined us for Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit, where they challenged themselves to carve out time to write regularly, and to experiment with new forms and styles. The result? Thousands of posts, comments, and follows, and countless new friendships. We’re excited to announce Blogging U.’s next offering, which…

It’s Too Early to Dismiss MOOCs

INTRODUCTION MOOCs, abbreviated from massive open online courses, have become the most discussed educational topic because they promise higher education to be “better, cheaper and more widely available” across the world (Kirp, 2013). They are a form of a free online education for everyone around the world with internet access. They are provided by eliteContinue reading “It’s Too Early to Dismiss MOOCs”