May the Peace Circle in Nagasaki Grow And Spread to the World


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Nagasaki Peace Tour

I think I don’t need to talk about WWII, especially the story of the nuclear bomb in 1945 because it is a tragedy that is also written and included in our curriculum. Japan is the first and only country to have experienced nuclear bomb attacks, and Hiroshima (the 1st target) and Nagasaki (the 2nd target) are the victims of the attack.Continue reading “May the Peace Circle in Nagasaki Grow And Spread to the World”

The Japanese Spirit: If We Want to Prosper and Be Respected, We Must Work Hard.


This post is part of series posts about my experiences in Japan as an ABE Scholar. If you want to read other related posts, please CLICK HERE.

I was lucky enough to be part of 83 participants from 19 different countries for a 2-days workshop organized by Institute of Strategic Leadership and hosted by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU). Two days that really exposed me to the real way of Japanese management and teamwork spirit.Continue reading “The Japanese Spirit: If We Want to Prosper and Be Respected, We Must Work Hard.”

Adsense Approval Model – 6 Proven Steps To Follow


Are you tired of seeing your AdSense approval application disapproved each time you apply? And you continue to resubmit your application with only continued disapproval from AdSense as a result; then it is not YOU not knowing about AdSense, it is the process you follow to obtain that much-needed approval. They say always be on the shoulders of experts and that is what you were missing so far but luckily, I bet, now you are—surely yes, you are!

Continue reading “Adsense Approval Model – 6 Proven Steps To Follow”

One Thing Stands Out In APU Orientation Week


Finally, for the next two years, I’ll live in a place where I used to see/watch it only on YouTube, the beautiful and green campus of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU). We’re already in the middle of the orientation week for the new students (including me and six of my friends from Africa).

The only thing that got my attention was the AP House Disaster Drill. Japan is an earthquake-prone country, so everyone should get prepared for it. So the best way to get prepared is to get involved with the drill. Resident Assistants (RAs) would take us from our floors like if a real earthquake struck. Then, we’re evacuated to a nearby evacuation center. Later, we’re shown how to use the Fire Extinguisher. In sum, we’re now ready for an earthquake.


We’re here for only a week, but now we truly understand why APU keeps on repeating that they offer an international environment for the students. That claim is real and I can prove it. With less than a week, I have friends from USA, Switzerland, China, Germany, Samoa, and Japan. This is in addition to my friends from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Burkino Faso. This friendship was unimaginable two weeks ago. This university is really one-of-its-kind.

I’m impressed so far, and I hope this will only increase during my stay in APU for the next two years. Thank you, everyone, who’s part of APU’s history.