How to Get Adsense Approved?


Are you tired of seeing your application of AdSense disapproved each time you apply? And you continue to resubmit your application with only continued disapproval from AdSense as a result; then it is not YOU not knowing about AdSense, it is the process you follow to obtain that much needed approval. They say always be on the shoulders of experts and that is what you were missing so far but luckily, I bet, now you are—surely yes, you are!

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What Does It Take to Succeed in an Internet-Based Education?


The Internet has touched upon every facet of our life and, most importantly of all, both how we teach and learn. Today, “many private, public, non-profit and for-profit” educational institutions are offering online courses “from the most basic instruction through the highest levels of degree and doctoral programs,” (Wikipedia). But, though education is available online, what ensures the success of these courses on the part of students taking it? Here they are:

Motivation, time management skills and users’ tech competence level are the determinants of the success of internet-based college courses.

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Evernote, Dropbox, & Edmodo: Educational Technology Tools in the Classroom


Advances in personal computing, classroom technology, and network-based tools have made inroads into the teaching, research, and service aspects of higher education (Kazley, et al., 2013). Scholars believe effective utilization of technology for educational purposes initiates from the part of teachers not students. There’s also some degree of tech uncomfortability for veteran teachers compared to millennium teachers. Therefore, new teachers enter the profession comfortable with technology for personal use; they must still be thoughtful regarding the application of technology for instructional purposes (Hammonds, Matherson, Wilson, & Wright, 2013).

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How to Find an Essay’s Main Point and Its Supporting Sentences?


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Planning for Learning and Teaching: 3 Power Sources of Thinking

What Do We Know About Teaching and Learning?

This post is about the course Planning for Teaching and Learninga sub-course of the Foundations of Teaching for Learning series by the Common Wealth Education Trust. This is a must course for everyone involved in the academic field. This course is specially useful for new and experienced teachers, as well as potential teachers–those who wish to be teachers. In addition, it’s the course for all school leaders. Learn contemporary research knowledge about teaching and learning.Continue reading “Planning for Learning and Teaching: 3 Power Sources of Thinking”