Mentoring Japanese High Schoolers

Whenever I visit high schools in Japan, Japanese kids don’t stop to impress me. Their quality is just too high considering their age. My experiences with them always contribute to my vision of the kind of education I want Somali kids to have and the way I want them to learn.

A Day at the Industrial Innovation City of Japan-Kitakyushu

If you really want to see how a country can start from NOTHING and go on to become a leader in a certain industry – in this case, the steel industry, please pay a visit to Japan, esp. Kitakyushu city, a city that hosts Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation Yawata Works. Japan was 100 yearsContinue reading “A Day at the Industrial Innovation City of Japan-Kitakyushu”

What You Need to Know to Buy a Car from Japan: Information for African Consumers

Because of the current economic situation in Africa, majority of African consumers prefer to buy used cars; and if it is from Japan, they don’t take more time to check its quality because they associate Japan with quality. But Africa is price sensitive. VERY SENSITIVE. You can ask Chinese companies. But there is no directContinue reading “What You Need to Know to Buy a Car from Japan: Information for African Consumers”

Fukuzawa Yukichi: The Great Japanese Intellectual

This post is part of series posts related to my experiences as an ABE Initiative Scholar in Japan. If you want to read related posts, please CLICK HERE. We’re attending a 5-days workshop co-organized by National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for JICA long-term and JDS participants. The aim is to giveContinue reading “Fukuzawa Yukichi: The Great Japanese Intellectual”