Summary of Bradbury’s “The Last Night of the World”

The short story of “Last Night of the World” by Ray Bradbury is about how a couple spent one of their evenings “in their own special way”. The whole story is about a “dream” of the world coming to an end by the husband.

The husband first asks his wife about her plan if she knew the world will come to an end in that night; and this comes as a surprise to her by asking him, “What would I do; you mean, seriously?”

She asks if “war” is going to happen, and, feeling fear, hopes not be “hydrogen or atomic bomb”. He then invites her to think about “the closing of a book”. He told her that he dreamed the world is coming to an end and “a voice said it was”.

Even his colleague, Stan Willis, had dreamed about “the same dream”. Surprisingly, all workers in the workplace had the exact dream, “with no difference”.

She asks him about why it was that night. Why not sometime in the past? He reasons it was February 30, 1951 and “it was never….ever before in history”. He continues this date is the only time “when things are as they are all over the world”. That is why it’s the end, he believes.

His second reasoning was that “bombers….will never land again”.

All this discussion was just spending their evening in their special way; a kind of taking together a happy time. THIS WAS LOVERS.

One point in the story I believe is discrediting the dreamer’s reasoning is when he mentions that “the women on block are talking about [the dream]” and his wife asks him why this story didn’t show up in the “evening newspaper”. He says, “No, everyone knows, so what is the need?” If the world coming to an END is not news, I wonder what would be considered as news.

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