Exploring India’s Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation and higher education are critical components of sustainable development in any country. Recognizing this, Dr. Dahir Hassan, the Rector of SIMAD University, and I recently embarked on a two-week trip to India with the objective of observing the higher education and innovation ecosystem in the country. Our journey took us to six different cities, including Mumbai, Bhopal, Hubballi, Hyderabad, Pune, and Delhi, where we visited some of the most prestigious universities and innovation hubs in India.

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15 Years of Blogging: A Personal Milestone Celebration

2003: First Internet Use Experience

It’s 10:00 am in May 2003 (I don’t remember the day), a typical very hot day in Mogadishu. We just came back from swimming in Geel Laq, a very popular beach in Mogadishu back in the day. Swimming was a typical childhood experience in Mogadishu! On our way back home, while passing Marwaas Mosque in Hamar Weyne, we came across a crowded space and out of curiosity, we tried to find out what it was: it’s a new cyber cafĂ© in Somalia, Wireless African Broadband Telecommunications (Wabtel). I think this was the first ISP service provider in Southern Somalia.

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Premier Wallet vs EVC PLUS: Co-opetition or Competition?

Note: This is an opinion article based on pure understanding of the local business market. No official communication was made to the companies referred in this piece.

Mohamed Muse Hassan, the Author


If you’re the CEO of Hormuud Telecom and you’re approached by the CEO of Premier Bank for the integration of EVC PLUS into the system of Premier Bank, what would you do? If you decline the business offer to co-operate, that’s very understandable. And that’s most likely what happened before Premier Bank introduced Premier Wallet. This is the dominant business mindset in Somalia which is purely based on competition.

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Ten Days in America

Hitting the Ground

First of all, let me say it now: traveling with the blue Somali passport is one of the serious hurdles Somalis face when traveling abroad. But I still do believe our passport won’t receive back its power rank unless the best of us, who go and return to the country, use it. I know it’s difficult and may even cost us important events for our professional career, but it is worth it in the long-term; otherwise, we’ll continue building the individual power ranks of other passports.

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