My Graduation Ceremony


Whatever I write today will not be enough to convey my real emotions. I apologize in advance anyone who I forget to mention.

The fate of one part of my life comes to an end and it marks the beginning of bigger challenges and expectations. Finishing APU needed the help of many people in order to be finished successfully.  There are many people who I need to acknowledge their support of whom without their help nothing would have been possible. First and foremost, my heartfelt appreciation goes to my supervisor, Professor Geunhee Lee, who did everything possible for me to finish my thesis in style. He was more like a parent than a supervisor in this difficult and demanding journey. I still remember sending him chapter drafts at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. and he still responded as if I did not disturb him though I did. Thank you, my dear supervisor.


I’m also thankful to the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). My whole story of coming to Japan and getting educated here starts and ends with JICA. Two years ago, getting an MBA degree from a Japanese university was not even in my imagination, but thanks to the Japanese government and the people of Japan, I will go back to my country with the ability and skills to contribute to the development of my country.


It is time to recognize my-love-turned-to-my-wife, Marian Ibrahim Mohamed. During my journey in Japan, our relationship went from a normal relationship to tying the knot to have our own family. It was not easy and, if it were not her patience and understanding, my education journey would not have gone smoothly. Not only did I got an MBA degree in these two years, but also created a family.


I reserve a special recognition for the pillar of my life, my mother, Habiba Ahmed Ali, and the rest of my family. Today, I’m an independent man who can handle his life responsibly, but that happened because of the incomparable support of my mother. I dedicate this achievement to my mother. Taking care of your kids and educating them in the most difficult environment indicates how strong my mother was and still is. She thought about my education more than my food. She’s an example of the roles played by Somali mothers after 1991. I love you mama; your little boy is ready to own the world and earn his place.


I also appreciate the helping hand of all the faculty of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University who were there when I needed their help. I appreciate the help of Professor Rian Beise-Zee who always made us feel at home. Finally, I’m grateful to SIMAD University, the place where I spent most of my professional life. Your support during these two years is appreciated.

APU_Graduation APU_Graduation

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